William Harris-Braun ’22 posing with his Air Quality Object, an air quality sensor for reading CO2 levels in a room, and several earlier versions of his design. The sensor is a “cross between a sculpture and an object that provides passive information.” Photos by Patrick Montero.

Mohamed Ali ’22 with a prototype of a 3D printed Prosthetic that uses the Arduino Uno to control servo motors which activate the opening of the 3D printed hand. Photos by Patrick Montero.

Micah Maben 21′ with created telecaster guitar. The body of the guitar was CNC routed and the rest of the instrument was assembled in house. Photos by Patrick Montero.

Taylor Murphy 19′ with laser cut lamp she designed using Illustrator. Photos by Kent Watson

Students presenting projects during a class on Wearable Technology (Body Media: Images, Avatars, Wearables, Prosthesis in Fall of 2019). Students from left to right: Nathan Wang, Eleanor Morgan, Theo Bien, Will Harris-Braun and Keeton Martin. Photos by Patrick Montero

Harrison Taussig, class of 22, worked on a reverse engineering pen project where he took his design and 3D printed a final version. Photos by Patrick Montero

Austin Huber 19′ and Nicky Rhodes 19′ Open Source CNC furniture and structural design project. you can see the two using the Maker Arts Space and going through the process of creating ‘Boxels’ below.