Elegant, Refined, Convincing, BOLD.

When purchasing a bar of fine soap, you know what you’re getting: sure maybe a little shea butter, scent of cucumber, hint of lemon grass–we’ve all seen it all before, and we’ve all observed time and time again that whatever we try: a pinch of lavender, a drop of peppermint, a touch–out of desperation perhaps–of horseradish; no matter how we tinker with the contents of a bar of soap … Nothing Really Changes!

So we at Nosey Industries invite consumers of mid- to high-range luxury soaps all over the world to ask themselves this simple question:
Are You Ready For The Next Step?
Are you now finally ready–after years of confusion, disappointment, and frustration–to admit that the ingredients in a bar of soap are mere incidentals on the locomotive of clean? Are you prepared to accept the Truth that’s been hovering over your thoughts–just out of reach–for so long now? Are you ready to straighten up within yourself and accept the Knowledge too long suppressed?

We invite you to share the future and say with us this simple affirmation:
The shape of a bar of soap is the conductor of the whole shower enterprise.
Some conductors play it safe, while others are BOLD.
I am ready for a bold conductor.
I am ready for soap in the shape of a human nose.

There, now it’s done. 
You’ve taken the first step.
We think you’ll find that from here, everything follows naturally: easily and yet life-revitalizingily, just as you’ve always dreamed consumer goods could be.