Laser Cutting With The People’s Paper Co

Way back in April of this year (2019) founding members of the organization People’s Paper Co-op  (Courtney Bowles and Mark Aloysious Strandquist) were doing an artist residency in the building I work in at Haverford College. We got a chance to work together on a couple occasions laser cutting some artwork together. This artwork (hands with text ‘free’ ‘our’ ‘mothers/queens/daughters’) marched in a parade that celebrated incarcerated mothers many of which are/were in jail for small misdemeanors but do not have the money to post bail. The Philadelphia Community Bail Fund was set up to bail mothers out of jail on mothers day and the parade exists to celebrate these women.

The People’s Paper Co-op (PPC) is an ongoing initiative by the Village of Arts and Humanities that connects formerly incarcerated individuals together with artists, civil rights lawyers, and many others to run a multitude of programs and initiatives. Through a highly collaborative and multidisciplinary process, the PPC and an incredible array of city-wide partners, work with individuals directly impacted by the criminal justice system to develop the tools, skills, and networks to advocate for themselves, their families, and residents across the city. ‘

“This spring the women at the PPC used their art to raise over $20,000 for the Philadelphia Community Bail Fund…and the bail fund raised a total of $135,000+ to bail out black mothers and caregivers for mothers day! The parade was a beautiful way to celebrate these needed collaborations and call for real policy change to keep women free.”

I’m proud to have had a small hand (play on words alert) in this important event. I wanted to post about it to highlight People’s Paper Co. If you are interested in learning more or wish to donate go here.

Also, it was a blast to work with Courtney Bowles and Mark Aloysious Strandquist. They are kind and fun people. We listened to Kate Bush and chatted while we cranked out a bunch of art.