As a kid action figures were more valuable to me than a Cheesy Gordita Crunch and a Dr. Pepper. Yeah, I know! I would only ask for one thing for my birthday or Christmas, ‘My guys.’ Action figures, preferably, G I Joes, the three and a quarter inch ones. They were unmistakably the best toy. You could take them apart and mix and match their arms and legs and heads. Gun Ho head and a Shipwreck body if you wanted!

In graduate school I began teaching myself 3D design and CAD modeling using Fusion 360. In doing several reverse engineering projects I became fascinated with the overlooked objects which more often than not have been designed exceptionally well. I took apart pens and ratchets to get measurements and model them on the computer. I love simple mechanisms, joints, moving parts that fit with each other. The 3 and a quarter inch GI Joe is a work of art. Its articulation, attention to detail, weight, and look. I found myself again taking apart action figures but this time rather than mixing and matching limbs I was interested in how it fit together.

The Computer Action Figure seen below is a design remixed from those old GI Joe toys. I went pretty independent with this toy but the articulation and movement, not to mention size of the toy, is all inspired by those toys.