Gallery Shelf Job

I had a lot of fun making this 45 degree angular shelf for the Canton Fitzgerald Gallery at Haverford. I used the Shopbot CNC Router so it was a quick job and pretty painless. A little bit of worry installing but it went into the gallery without much trouble. Above is the sketch I created […]


CNC Cutting Up Apples

It’s one way to make applesauce! It’s the worst way to make applesauce! This past weekend I used the shopbot to cut faces into some fruit. Picture a creepy cornucopia staring back at you. The documentation in two videos below. One, some explanation, the other, with music.


First Post On New Site

Hey, wow, you’re hear. That’s great! Clearly, I’m new around here and haven’t quite gotten myself together. You can forgive that, can’t you? Check in later and I have more to show for myself. I’m going to use this site for updates of projects but also as a place to put my portfolio. Thanks!