Stable Diffusion Music Video

Eight months ago I started using a text to speech stable diffusion machine learning system to make experimental short video loops. And because I’ve always had an interest in video and music I started chopping something together into a loose narrative. Above is a finished music video from then. I love this song, it’s part of an series of songs about reanimation. It has silly lyrics but put to somber music always makes me unsure of how to feel.

And eight months into the AI movement I am unsure how to feel about it as well. I went from immense enthusiasm, to deep concern to now acceptance that it is here to stay.

In a short amount of time I’ve had AI conversations in just about every setting. From heated discussions with close friends to conversations with my parents. It has permeated every avenue of my life in some way.

So the ground is moving beneath our feet and we are playing catch up. What do we do? I’ve been thinking lately a place to start might be a set of rules or guidelines. A kind of doctrine of AI, not for us to follow as if it is the law, but for us to consider while or before use.

The technology is useful and it’s going to be used. But perhaps we can have more intentionality about how we use it. Proposing this idea here on my little blog isn’t much of a start so stay tuned for more.