The Center for Creative Works

This past Spring, prior to things falling apart in March, I collaborated with Kristin Lindgren’s course called Critical Disability Studies. That class has a hands-on component where students work with the Center for Creative Works (CCW) in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. 

The CCW is a place for people with intellectual disabilities to practice and learn about art. Here is their mission statement.  

I loved working with the CCW and Kristin’s class. I like that the Maker Arts Space at Haverford College has a focus on students but we also ask how students can foster relationships with local stakeholders. The idea of the Maker Arts Space as a place for community building really inspires me.

During the CCW visits I taught the 3D Scanner and a 3D sculpting software called Meshmixer (free by the way). Students and the CCW visitors 3D scanned themselves then altered their scans on the computer.

Olu, visitor from the CCW experimenting with 3D scan of himself.

I also developed a method for laser cutting silhouettes and had the visitors decorate and paint on the canvases.  Our theme for the Spring was self-reflection and self-portraits. 

Below are a few images from the visits prior to mid March. I hope that once Covid 19 is under control we are able to resume a collaboration with the CCW.